GAIJIN Rims 26" (36)

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GAIJIN Rims 26" (36)

Our custom designed disc brake rim is dedicated for those gravity riders who prize the strength and durability above all, especially in affordable price. Gaijin is our back to the roots of the wide and strong rims dedicated for the most aggressive riding but thanks to the modern technology offered now in much lighter weight than years before.

If you are looking for a new rim and the aggressive Freeride, Downhill or Dirt Jumping is your favorite kind of biking - check our GAIJIN !! The rim is made of the 6061-T6 aluminium. Thanks to the wide profile the tire stays safe on the rim even when riding through the tight berms with a low pressure. The thick side walls and wide lips minimize the pinch flat risk.

GAIJIN is available in a perfect black, chrome and silver matt anodized finishes. Rims come with eyelets .

PS: WHY Gaijin?

Gaijin (外人?, [ɡaid͡ʑiɴ]) ("outside person") is a Japanese word for foreigners and non-Japanese. The word is composed of two kanji: gai (外?, "outside") and jin (人?, "person"). Similarly composed words that refer to foreign things include gaikoku (外国?, "foreign country") and gaisha (外車?, "foreign car").

Sizes: 26”.
Holes: 36.
Joint: sleeved.
Outer width: 33 mm.
Inner width: 26 mm.
Height: 22,6 mm.
ERD: 531 mm (26”)
OSB: 1.5 mm.
Weight: 569 g (26”).